Our Mission at Amrose Evexa...

Is to create beautiful properties across Essex, the surrounding areas and beyond, that will provide high quality homes and holiday retreats for our tenants, clients and guests. Working alongside our investor partners on some of these projects allows us to share our passion for property, knowledge and expertise with like-minded people who want to grow with us.
Who do we work with?...
who are looking to make their money work harder for them. Traditional banking methods currently offer record low interest rates, so by working with us to invest their funds in property we can help them create more wealth, at the same time as growing their property knowledge and experience by joining us on the journey.
Property Owners
Wanting To Sell...
who are looking for a quick, hassle free solution to selling their property or portfolio, chain free and to property professionals. We have all the key people in place to ensure the transaction happens as smoothly and as swiftly as possible.
Property Owners Wanting To Rent...

who would like us to be their tenant for an agreed contract period and guarantee their rent is paid every month. We take full responsibility for refurbishment, maintenance and safety regulations as well as the upkeep and cleanliness, all for a set guaranteed monthly rent.

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